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Project Delivery describes the relationships between the various core members of the Owner's project team and implies certain responsibilities and functions that are unique to each member for each approach. The most commonly encountered project Delivery Schemes are:


Design / Bid / Build: Term used to describe projects that are bid or negotiated, then constructed after an Architect and/or Engineer has completed the Construction Document stage of the Design Phase.


Design-Build: A process used to provide single-point responsibility for the project in its entirety. Design-Build contracts are negotiated prior to the starting design. Often the design-builder assists the owner in defining the project scope. Using this method the design-build contractor does all the design and engineering work, as well as provides construction services.


Bridging: A hybrid process where the owner still hires an AE directly to develop the projects functional and aesthetic requirements, but places the burden of creating Construction Documents upon a design-build contractor. The AE hired by the owner provides project quality guidance through the development of performance specifications. Construction contracts are often awarded part way through the design.


Construction Management: A Construction Manager is a professional construction expert retained by the Owner to manage subcontracts held directly between the Owner and trade subcontractors. His contract may place him At-Risk or Not-At-Risk for budget and schedule performance of the project.


CM / GC: In a CM / GC contract a Construction manager is hired for a fee to assist the Owner with budgeting and scheduling during the design phases. Upon completion of the design the CM becomes the General Contractor and hires the sub trades directly to accomplish the construction itself.


A term often related to Project Delivery is fast tracking. Fast tracking is construction industry jargon for a process that may be applied to any of the listed Project Delivery schemes. It simply means that portions of the design and construction processes overlap in order to begin construction before design is complete.


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